Save at least 40% with automation


Save at least 40% with automation

In March 2019 Linked Things was tasked with installing data center automation for the first three center and a fourth one to be added soon. According to the company, their electricity used to be around PKR 60,000 per month for each data center. This was before they installed our solutions. After installing OTTO Power National Foods average electricity bill for the data center is in the area of 35,000 PKR per month. The improved performance and lower monthly power bills amortized the cost of Linked Things’ solution within 10 months.

Linked Things installed air conditioning control units along with temperature sensors in each of the centers. The temperature sensors are deployed near the servers to capture the heat generated by the sensors and determine cooling requirement for the servers. The air conditioners are operated based on the environmental condition. The system provides both time based as well as temperature based scheduling and turns off the air conditioners in case they are not required.

The solution is ideal for the small to medium size data centers located inside the factories that need to be running 24 x 7 however the other management solutions including manually operated ones do not justify the cost of the solution.

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