Revolutionizing Pakistani Banking


Revolutionizing Pakistani Banking

From 2016-18, Linked Things developed and provided months-long demos to five banks of Pakistan, HBL – Habib Bank Limited, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) Limited, United Bank Limited (UBL) and JS Bank. Our smart office product was deployed in the ATM Vestibules (as these rooms are called) and we provided the environment monitoring and control; energy monitoring and ATM security monitoring system. With our environment and energy management system, banks could save up to 60% of the air conditioning costs, savings in their maintenance costs and improved customer experience through unique customer usage insights.

On average, banks in Pakistan spend in excess of PKR 150,000 on a single ATM Vestibule with 24/7 running energy costs & frequent maintenance. There is a multitude of data left by customers & available within the devices & machines that is not interpreted for the good use of predictive maintenance, energy monitoring, data analytics & forecasting.

Each ATM location has specific usage hours based on its location and demographics of its users, so an ATM in a residential area is typically used before and after office hours whereas in a commercial area it is used for certain hours during the business hours. But the electricity is consumed 24×7 regardless of the operating hours. Sometimes it is observed that the ATMs are not well lit or their doors don’t get locked properly. All this while our banks remain profitable, although inefficient.

Linked Things’ highly secure and scalable solution for industries is developed to bring insights for management to take informative decisions. It allows you to look at the manufacturing plant as a whole instead of as a combination of bits and pieces, introduce product improvements and evaluate performance in one go. It gives you ease to look at seemingly unrelated data to build a relation, helps you explore your own plant and manage it.

We believe IoT doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. That is why we have built our platform that can collect information from a variety of sources yet present them as a uniform collection. This uniform collection helps us in building a strong predictive maintenance suite for our customers. So that the data doesn’t remain in silos and is uniformly accessible to the management. Our strength is the mix of young and experienced professionals in our team. Our advantage is our understanding of the rapid changes in technology and their impact on businesses. Our edge is our understanding of the demands of customers in emerging markets. Our pride is our innovative products and solutions delivered. Our results are the satisfaction of our valuable customers.

An IoT based system can provide the following benefits:

  • 60% energy savings (PKR 150k/AC annually)
  • 30% savings in maintenance costs using predictive maintenance
  • Adaptive supply of cash; real time cash management and delivery based on cash requirement and peak usage analysis
  • Useful insights to increase customer experience, such as time spent by the customer vs transaction (anonymized, of course)
  • ATM security itself

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