Edible Oil Tank Monitoring


Edible Oil Tank Monitoring

Edible oil is the biggest food import commodity in Pakistan. In 2014 Pakistan imported USD 3 billion worth and it is esti-mated that this bill will jump to USD 7 Billion in 2020-21. This translates to 40 million tons of edible oil import from all over the world. This is stored in various tanks along the port before being shipped to different industries across the country.

It is estimated that there are at least 500 silos or edible oil storage tanks in the country. They are typically 60–80 feet (20-25m) high and the record keepers have to climb stairs to record the level three times a day. This is not only huge waste of time, the accuracy of data is also not guaranteed and subject to human error.

Linked Things provide an easy to in-stall solution that provides real-time information of the content levels in a tank. This information can be used to get accurate weight and volume of oil available at any given time, consumption and in-take of the oil in and out of the tank.

Companies have been able to benefit from this solution in the following ways:

1.Accurate status of tank levels is available at any given time on a dashboard or mobile app.

2.The records are updated in ERPs like SAP and Oracle through API integration in real time. The intake or filling information is updated immediately.

3.The human resource is then employed in more productive and revenue generating activities.

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