Linked Things delivers Digital Twin Solution to Jiangsu Xinsheng Oil Co Ltd


Linked Things delivers Digital Twin Solution to Jiangsu Xinsheng Oil Co Ltd

Jiangsu Xinsheng Oil Co Ltd (JXO) and Linked Things announced successful implementation of Digital Twin at the oil processing factory using Metaverse of Things platform by Linked Things. This implementation allows the JXO to visualize plant operations, monitor each production step, accurately know the tank levels, temperatures, flow levels and other parameters that are critical to the quality of oil being processed.

Digital twin technology replicates actual production on to virtual space so that managers and operators are informed about the process, faults and failures and quality in real time. The technology is witnessing high demand due to increasing acceptance of Industry 4.0 to deliver data-driven insight about equipment performance and health, thereby enabling companies to instantly recognize anomalies in operations flow. Linked Things software creates an immersive experience for the operators and managers. Also, deploying digital twins helps in proactive planning of maintenance and spare part replacement to reduce time-to-service and prevent cost-prohibitive asset failure.

Mr Kevin Kong, CEO, Jiangsu Xinsheng Oil Co. Ltd said: Thanks to the strong technical strength and professional ability of Linked Things, our edible oil factory has established an excellent management system, through which we can clearly see the real-time status of production, inventory and sales of our edible oil factory. Through this system, we can implement remote control and management of the equipment, so that the production becomes very easy and convenient. Thanks again to Linked Things, and wish the business of Linked Things will develop and grow stronger with the more advanced and improved technology.”

About Linked Things (Pvt) Ltd: Linked Things (Pvt.) Ltd., has been providing Industrial IoT and AI solutions since 2016. We have recently launched our Metaverse of Things Platform that creates real-time data driven immersive experience for the industrial operators, managers and owners. Linked Things has successfully implemented multiple Industrial IoT projects in food & food processing, plastics, automobiles and textile manufacturing sectors. Compared to other solutions in the market, this application is simpler to deploy, offers a faster ROI and is cost-effective for emerging markets.

Sophia Hasnain, CEO, Linked Things thanked the JXO team for choosing Linked Things for their digital transformation journey and added: “Our smart IoT solutions rely on infrastructure companies like to provide critical components in our value chain. They will enable us to make our solutions reach the international market and help our customers save money and improve productivity.”

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