The manufacturers powering productivity and sustainability


The manufacturers powering productivity and sustainability

September 26, 2021The manufacturers of the Global Lighthouse Network—a World Economic Forum initiative in collaboration with McKinsey & Company —are setting tomorrow’s standards for tech-enabled productivity, growth, and environmental sustainability. Want to learn how your organization can make the best use of digital technologies? Register now for Lighthouses Liveon September 29 to hear from company leaders about how they are using Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies to power growth across multiple dimensions, and dive deeper with these insights highlighting key topics, including:

  • learnings from leading manufacturing executives around the world
  • how leaders should think about the future of manufacturing in Asia
  • implementing 4IR technologies at scale

How to capture value from the IoT

November 29, 2021If you have a fitness tracker or a smart thermostat in your digital cart this Cyber Monday, you might already be familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT). But you might not know that the IoT could have profound implications for both society and the economy: by 2030, the IoT could enable between $5.5 trillion and $12.6 trillion in value globally. Capturing this value, however, depends largely on establishing interoperability and easing cybersecurity concerns. Explore a special collection on IoT, or dive deeper on key topics to understand:

  • the steps taken by companies that have succeeded in deploying IoT at scale
  • why it makes sense for companies to start small when adopting IoT
  • how organizations and their employees can benefit from always-connected work tools
  • why manufacturers should take a holistic approach to the Industrial IoT

The retailer’s guide to the holiday shopping season

November 26, 2021Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year in the US, is here. But will a confluence of factors—including persisting supply-chain woes, inflation, and labor shortages—mean doom and gloom for retailers and brands? Explore these insights to understand this year’s unusual holiday-shopping landscape, and prepare for the challenges ahead by diving deeper on key topics, including:

  • why retailers need to act early to retain consumer loyalty
  • what successful retailers have done to make a difference in their supply chain
  • seven actions supply-chain leaders must take to mitigate disruptions
  • why apparel sourcing needs a full-blown transformation to achieve a new trajectory


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