Taking IIoT a step further at National Foods


Taking IIoT a step further at National Foods

Linked Things has recently deployed its IIoT solution at National Foods’ packaging section to measure Global Efficiency (GE) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the floor as well as the individual machines. This is the first time that any industry in Pakistan is acquiring plant / floor data at this granularity and presenting it for various management levels to show the performance in real time. Of course, historical views are built into the solution to compare the performance on SKU and time basis. This has increased the transparency and the data accumulated over the next three months will be used for increasing the productivity and predictive maintenance of the plant.

We are extremely happy with the progressive leadership at the National Foods and cooperation that we have received from the management as well as the floor staff. The easy to use interface was appreciated by the floor staff and they were eager to accept this digital change.

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